May 09

I Wonder What I Should Do with My Life

I am thinking really hard about what I shall do after I leave high school. Of course I am thinking about what colleges I can get into and what is the best thing that I could study after I got there. Right now I am learning about web design and basic programming for computers. It is obvious enough that if you want to make a good salary in this day and age, then you need to be able to understand how to use computers pretty much expertly. In fact that is true no matter what you are involved in. If you are a doctor or a nurse or any of the countless people involved in the health industry, then you have to know all about the computer technology that is really vital to the work. Read the rest of this entry »

May 23

Lamp (linux Apache Mysql Php) Software Bundle For Php Developers

Current website development relies more on open source to handle forms and back end things. Whether it is a e commerce website or a portal, certain level of technical handling is there from server side. Certain redirection, conditional surfing based on ip address of client, privilege approving and database integration all are done by a software bundle named LAMP. LAMP is a short notation of individual software such as Linux (OS), Apache HTTP server, MySQL (DBMS) and of course PHP.

PHP has become one of widely used open source software product for developing hundreds of sites ranging from simple to complex one like WordPress. The P of LAMP may be sometimes replaced by another scripting language such as Perl or Python.

They four individual has got together to give the best performing web applications to PHP developers. Here are the benefits of MySQL and PHP explained further to get the idea why theyve been together to deliver efficient web applications.

Benefits of MySQL:

Very low licensing cost
Low hardware consumption
Execute anything from data houses holding terabytes of data
Ultra-fast loading
Table and Index partitioning
Master/Slave replication with high speed reconfiguration utility
Multi-version Transaction support
Highly robust
Efficient query engine
Secure encryption decryption functions
Open source freedom

Benefits of PHP:

Easy to use
Simplified task handling in heavy traffic sites
Open source
Low cost
Being open source new functionality have been added consistently
Simple coding style
Highly functional to code simple to shopping cart projects

As LAMP meant to be run on Linux platform, this software bundle is more reliable and performance giving. When you are on Linux platform, you are sure for one thing that is less down time. Benefits of

May 17

A Tutorial On How To Convert Psd To Joomla Template

Nobody can challenge the power of uniqueness in today’s highly neck-to-neck competitive marketplace. Therefore, a person needs a get visually appealing and unique website in order to attract eyes of the potential online visitors. This brings constant rise in the demand of PSD-to-Joomla conversion to get highly SEO semantic website hand coded HTML/XHTML/CSS strict mark-ups.

Below, an useful tutorial for converting custom Joomla theme/template from any PSD format based web template discussed in brief. Simply follow the below given steps:

Slicing of PSD file: All the static web templates used to get designed in Adobe PhotoShop software and saved in PSD format. The PSD format based image files need to slice further in multiple layers.

Convert PSD-to-HTML: Now, the PSD layers needs to be coded with clean, easy-to-understand, table less, well commented, SEO semantic PSD to HTML/XHTML/CSS mark-up languages. Interestingly, a simplified extension of Hyper Text Markup Language – predominant (X)HTML is the basic language mainly used to add accessibility and interactivity in PSD web template.

XHTML-to-Joomla integration: Once, the PSD-to-HTML conversion process gets over then (X)HTML-to-Joomla integration and customization comes into real picture. Here, your brand new Joomla powered website gets ready within seconds.

A person needs to follow the above mentioned steps to convert PSD to Joomla them/ template in order to build a great website powered by Joomla. However, creating Joomla based website directly from PSD web templates is a bit challenging task. In case, one does not have solid knowledge about Joomla CMS then it is advisable to hire dedicated Joomla developer for custom-made PSD to Joomla theme/template conversion to get an appealing and unique website.

Outsourcing virtual assistance of a skilled web programmer is the most reliable solution to get valued conversion service of PSD to Joomla. A web programmer will convert PSD to Joomla theme in order

May 12

Complete Information On ASP.NET Hosting

It is possible for the normal users and companies to setup successful and impressive websites with ASP.NET hosting. ASP.NET hosting will provide you with an infrastructure that is powerful, secure, and comprises of all the advance features through the ASP.NET scripts. With the help of ASP.NET web host, the users can enjoy a safe hosting experience without getting bothered about the work overloads. ASP.NET hosting also provides with a strong content management platform. In order to ensure the smoothness of the daily website activities, specially for an eCommerce website, it is crucial to check the level of reliability provided by the ASP.NET web host along with the quality of hosting uptime provided.

ASP.NET hosting is the Active Server Page Hosting and it is one of the most popular hosting forms. The crucial factors that have to be considered before investing in ASP.NET hosting plan is that the resources provided must suite your hosting requirements. The most common attributes included in ASP.NET hosting include image hosting, file hosting, blog application, video and audio streaming, shopping cart software and much more. In simple terminology, ASP.NET enables a developer to use codes and scripts through many different sources. As all the resources are in one place, it is possible to design dynamic websites, that enable interactivity flash, streaming video and surround sound. These attributes make a website attractive and help you to maintain a good online presence.

You must locate an ASP.NET web host who is updated with the latest hosting technology. In terns of the price of the hosting plan, try to avoid a hosting plan that is exceptionally low priced you must also stay away form a as this might mean a lack of support. Instead you must locate an efficient ASP.NET provider who will provide you with complete technical support

May 12

Web Design Junction with SEO Part I

Web design is a wide concept used to comprehend the way information is faced to end-user using the WWW through any web browser or relevant web software. The information that is delivered to end-user consists of multiple contents like text, pictures, audio and all other types of multimedia content.

SEO is the process to which the visibility of a website or particular link is improved in search engines. SEO can be associated with all the contents used in web designing including text, images, and sounds or even videos but it works perfectly well with textual content.

If one is intending to develop a blog or a page, he must think about two participants; the machine (the search engines) and the human being. Considering our above definition about those two participants, we can easily state that web designing is purely meant for us human beings while SEO will be engaged with the machine. Both of these actors are dependent on each other, because a good design surely wins over end users but only when they are aware of it, and SEO plays the lead role making an appointment with them. This really depicts a vivid junction between web design and SEO. This relationship has some criteria that need to be followed in order to support each other effectively and efficiently. SEO demands light weight, compatible and straightforward layout of the page while web design requires attractive looking pages to pop out at end-users.

Search engine machines are the virtual labor trying to visit links available on World Wide Web. Their main objective is to read out the text, hyper-links, supportive keywords and all other relevant information embedded for the sake of search engine system. Web design focuses on delivering an enchanted interface to users by including pleasant interactive images, preferably flash

May 10

PHP Web Design

There are many scripting languages such as .Net, Java, Ruby on Rail still most of developers want to work with PHP. Developers believe that PHP web design is very easy and less time consuming. Another reason for developers to use PHP is open source. It can be affordable web solutions which small and medium scale business can afford.

Websites are necessary for any business who wants to make their presence felt online. But there is stern competition when it comes to building an attractive website. So that’s why, most of companies prefer PHP web design to develop attractive business website.

You need not worry about compatible problem with PHP. The reason is that PHP is compatible with many server platforms. It can run on Windows, Linux and others. So if you are looking for low cost development, you can hire PHP programmer for Linux based programming easily. PHP uses less code and it has its own memory building option, so results are produced faster. PHP can develop high end structure for complicated website development. As it manages database easily and works smoothly with MySQL.

Hence if you are planning to create a website and going to approach a web development company, you can ask them to create the website using PHP Web design. Wardpress, one of the popular and user friendly CMS, is built in PHP. Thus you can create interactive and attractive websites using PHP and WordPress as well.

PHP Web Development Company offers programmers who are specialized and dedicated towards and renders a PHP web design service. However, the best ways to remain ahead from competitors and at the same time concentrate on other core business activities; you should consider outsourcing web development activities to PHP web Development Company.

PHP is a denunciation

May 10

Tampa Web Design – Recognition beyond Imagination

Technology is a campfire around which web designs are evolved and build. Tampa web design is one that brings out the renaissance attitude, combining technology, creative thinking, human need, and beauty to produce something that the world didn’t know it was missing. Web designing is an art, which glides high on human imaginations. To start with web designing first the interest of client should be shifted from the profit-oriented business to customer prospective business. Every web design is a solution to the constraints that comes in the way to popularize, earn profits and a series of questions. These questions could be – What my website will be about? , How to reach the right audience? How I can market my product through web and what will the profitable return of my adventure. Tampa web design provides the professional and brand recognition and a strong online presence for your business. The basic thing that our web designing team provides to our customers is: Providing Usability and Appearance-: presentation of useful and interesting content in an appealing manner making use of only the web safe colors and fonts.

Providing the professional look-: unbroken links, appropriate graphics, easy navigation and uniform design for all the pages.

Providing the dynamic content-: encouraging the visitors to return.

Providing the accessibility-: universal

Providing familiarity-: your product and market strategies as well as your audience.

Apart from the above stated points, let’s come to some technical aspects. Generally there are ten steps:

The idea or prospective Information and Content. Keywords Domain Naming Design Hosting Integration SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Internet Marketing Videos, Cds, Photography

Web design is a complete package that keeps on changing every day. And it is evident that these changes will be reflected in your company’s products

May 09

Different Veterinary Web Design Services

People who are passionate about pets are fanatical about their love for four legged and feathered friends. This is why the business of animal clinics is flourishing in America like nowhere else in the world. While most places in the world have hardly mentionable pet care facilities and hospitals, American veterinary clinics are among the most modern and well equipped facilities in the world of healthcare! While the charitable services do not need to advertise and people promote them out of good will, there are very special needs for commercial veterinary web design work. With competitive business, such modern services are vital to promote your services.

The internet is the biggest field for marketing today. With over 3 billion people online on a regular basis, no single platform has a market so huge to offer. People do not hunt about for information randomly anymore. They simply type in a few keywords and Google has answers to almost every conceivable intelligible and rational question (and a few which may not make any sense at all!). People will look for a veterinary clinic near their home online more than ask their neighbor. This is why you need to exploit this vast and open opportunity for promoting your clinic.

Veterinary web designs are little different from any other commercial website because though they are promoting a business, the services are medical in nature. The website thus needs to have elements of seriousness within aesthetic appeal, and generate a feel of comfort. Any pet owner would only take their precious companion to a clinic with the latest facilities and best doctors. But unless you present your services well, the competition will simply overwhelm you.

It is important to design your animal care website according to the services you offer. If you

May 07

ASP DOT NET the edge in Web Based Applications

ASP.NET has been the most robust and the most extensively used Web application development platform. It has beaten many a favorites that were doing the rounds before ASP.NEt came into the market. The competitive edge that ASP.NET provides to its users are immense as compared to many other development tools which are still used but in sync with ASP.NET.

Java was a hot favorite before the coming of ASP.NET with JavaBeans adding to the kitty of Java it was thought that the future of web applications lies with Java. Programmers were scrambling to get a good hold of Java and Beans to get the best experience on the WebPages.

Although Java and ASP.NET don’t have any direct connection as Java is a Programming Language and ASP.Net is a web technology for generating web content. The major difference between both of them is the basic philosophy behind the languages. Java a programming language is designed to be run on many platforms thus using a common language whereas ASP.NET gives you the freedom to program in any language and has compilers for different languages that generate a platform specific code.

The main advantage that ASP.NET provides over Java is that you are not really stuck with one language. You can take the best from each language that can be sued and develop your own dynamic WebPages which give the user interactive feeling with the server side scripting. Flexibility of the .NET is the main advantage that has made it so popular and extensively used all across the world.

Another primary advantage of it is that it has Visual Studio. Java’s primary advantage is that you have your choice of third-party tools. Today as traditional ways of business has emerged totally into ecommerce business it has very immense use

May 07

Social Media Presence – Joomla Extensions

Social Media Presence V 3.1.4
NEW Release: 3-23-2011
> Outstanding new Icon Set!
> 117 Icons!
> Extremely Easy to Install & Configure!

Social Media Presence – This Joomla v 1.5 custom extension allows you to provide a link to 117! different social media profile pages for your members or guests. The number of professional user groups on websites like Facebook and LinkedIn has grown more than 10 fold or over 1000% over the past two years. Dismissing this trend as pure fancy would be an unwise maneuver for any savvy business owner or marketing executive. If you have a website for your business you should be taking advantage of the social media networks. This module has 117 social media icons for your profile pages.


Version 3.1.7 – 117 Icons!
This simple module will display Web 2.0 style icons that link to your social media profiles.

Features include:

> NEW!! 117! Web 2.0 style icons 5 different icon sizes: 64px, 48px, 32px, 24px, and 16px.

> Option to allow links to open in a new browser window.

> Option to include the rel=”nofollow” link attribute.

> Change hover text for mouseover for “Follow us on…”

> Turn Credit Link ON or OFF.

This module is FREE to use at your disposal.

To get started just download and install the module via your joomla installer. Then modify the parameters in the module manager. Add your social media profile URLs. Any URL fields left empty simply won’t display that icon link.

Takes just minutes to install and configure!

Because this module has so many icons, it can take a few minutes to install completely. Please be patient or upload to your server using an FTP client and install from there.

This module requires registration to

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