May 09

I Wonder What I Should Do with My Life

I am thinking really hard about what I shall do after I leave high school. Of course I am thinking about what colleges I can get into and what is the best thing that I could study after I got there. Right now I am learning about web design and basic programming for computers. It is obvious enough that if you want to make a good salary in this day and age, then you need to be able to understand how to use computers pretty much expertly. In fact that is true no matter what you are involved in. If you are a doctor or a nurse or any of the countless people involved in the health industry, then you have to know all about the computer technology that is really vital to the work. Read the rest of this entry »

Oct 12

Offshore Web Development Company For Powerful Web Presence

Offshore web development helps you to get an effective web presence by efficient website. With the advent of online and eCommerce business and their growing liking have turned website into a powerful business tool. Having a website alone is now pass. To empower your online business you need to deploy right web development tools and elements.

Web development term implies the basic and the most intricate elements of a successful website starting from web design, content, client/server side scripting, E-commerce development with secure payment gateway, SSL encryption and so on.

In these competitive times, when online businesses have become more than trend and grown up to serve as an image and reputation of a business, you cannot mess with them. They should be simple yet unique and beautiful in their own terms. A website should be visually appealing to its viewers yet serve the information they are looking for without creating hassles for them. The features should be easy to download and the website should be user-friendly. A website should have cross browser compatibility. This good stuff can happen only if a website has been developed with extraordinaire creativity, accuracy and technical proficiency.

Website development revolves around technical and non-technical aspects. A complete, accurate and error-free web development can be done by offshore web development companies for you. They can create user-friendly website by utilizing leading edge technologies and expert talent pool. They also integrate SEO tactics along with that.

Be it static website or multilevel functional website- the quality, functionality and usability of website architecture is unanimously unparalleled and within your budget. Committed to maintain the quality in software development and application development, offshore web development companies are here to provide intuitive navigational structure with powered interactivity.

Offering services of Open Source Software, they are the real cost savers

Oct 12

PHP – The most popular scripting language on the web

PHP is probably the most popular scripting language on the web. Most of the popular and modern websites are powered by PHP, such as starting from Facebook to Twitter, you will find PHP everywhere.

Since with this increasing popularity of PHP, the requirement of skilled developers are increasing in our country. Many companies are ready to provide a good salary if you are a skilled PHP developer. That opens a whole new horizon to the students who are deciding to start their career as a -Web Application developer’.

If you have that will and decided to start your career in this horizon, we PHPTrainingKolkata will work as a catalyst to boost your knowledge so that you have become one of the best and suitable candidates in any interview that you have faced. In our institute you will find faculties who are basically working professional in PHP. So from the beginning you will get trained based on the industry standard. In our institute we follow INDIVIDUAL TRAINING PROGRAM. That will help you have one to one integration with your faculty to understand the course in details.

To be a good programmer you need to be technically strong, to make that so a right combination of theoretical and practical knowledge is required. In our institute you will that so. In our institute we do provide verity of eBooks and manuals regarding the course details to increase the theoretical knowledge of our students. While during the course we will take some surprise test to get updated on the current status and let students know in which section they are lagging behind. So this course comes with a complete package that will help to modulate into a better programmer.

In an industry within which we belong seems to be always

Oct 11

Role of Progress Trackers For E-Commerce Web Design

Progress trackers aka progress indicators are used in online stores making any of the steps like signing up to any product or service, buying any product or service online simple for the users. The tracker based on different steps is meant to enhance the online shopping experience of individuals across the globe.

Progress trackers are found to be of high importance for modern ecommerce sites. According to professional internet marketing specialists in Vancouver, designing a system based on multi-steps process ensures increasing conversion rates of business. In addition, a web design for larger sites having the option of online store can be made more intuitive and easy to understand by walking users.

Progress trackers and breadcrumbs

Though both are meant to enhance the user experience, they have significant differences as well. Breadcrumbs in web design in Vancouver are described as the way to reveal the current location of users on the site. In addition, it also explains the above sections than the current one.

Contrary to this, the progress indicators in web design are a way to indicate a set path that users need to follow for a specific task on the site, say shopping. Not only the current location, it also shows the earlier steps taken and the steps the user is about to take.

Specific goal

Progress indicators are best to use for specific goals of web design in Vancouver. Among a lot of options, it is considered a great way to enhance the conversion rate and usability of the websites. As both conversion rate and high usability is all about enhancing the sales of products or services, therefore; the use of trackers can be noticed in almost every large e-commerce website nowadays.


As far as the uses of

Oct 10

php jobs in kolkata

Choose PHP-Mysql training course and build your Career in IT Sector. Here you come, if you are from technical background (, BCA, Bsc(comp) or any other programming background) you must join us for website development training, we can provide you best php training and jobs in kolkata, non-technical guys are also welcome to us, they can also take step toward php mysql training, we can help them as well to get a right step. We also run summer training in kolkata with php-mysql programming. There is a huge market for php freshers in kolkata, once you learned, you can easily get job somewhere in kolkata or outside of kolkata (India), we are also one of big placement company in kolkata having more than 30 website development companies registered with us, they take php developers form us frequently.

PHP Jobs in kolkata:- You can easily learn PHP and get good job in kolkata or anywhere in India, doesn’t matter if you are only a php fresher, what I said, I mean that, it’s not I am trying to attract you toward php training in my institute, you can check it yourself, asking your friends, talking to your seniors, any php programmers or through with the keywords “PHP FRESHERS JOBS in KOLKATA”.

Live PHP Training Classes:- We recommend to get LIVE PROJECT experience to compete others to get a good job in php. We are not only a PHP Training Institute in kolkata but also a PHP development company (iCraft Solutions) in kolkata, provides full time PHP LIVE PROJECT experience to maximize chances for php jobs, as we believe many companies asking for live project experience from fresher.

About Me:-
Name: Md. Asif Iqbal.
Designation:- Project Manager in iCraft Solutions.
Experience: 5 yrs experience with

Oct 09

Custom Web Design Made Easy By Studio2graphics

Creating custom websites that are engaging, dynamic and intuitive. Over the last decade the internet has become a vital part of how business functions. With 74.1% of Americans using the internet
(Nielsen Online) and 74.9% of Canadians (Internet World Stats), there is commanding importance on having a strong web presence. Not only must a company have good seo (Search Engine) web design, but they also must have a custom web design that is perfectly suited to their audience. Custom web design can allude to many areas, but for now we’re going to focus on how to cater the site design to your audience, and create a dynamic and user-friendly site.
Here are four tips for creating a user-friendly custom web design, compiled by Studio2 Design, a custom web design company who develops a variety of sites for companies in Canada and the United States.
1. Page Load Time
Gone are the days of slowly loading splash pages. Instead, a progressive custom web design company incorporates large eye catching headers that draw the user into the site. Flash animation can still be a nice touch if its used in a professional and relaxed manner. To keep your audience happy, use Flash sparingly and intuitively (i.e. for elements of the site, but not the whole site design).
2. Navigation Ease
Users like to get where they need to go fast. For this reason, make sure you have multiple navigation areas. This could be achieved by having the main links along the top, with a full link navigation bar along the bottom. Highlight other links within the text and on side bars (i.e. links to recent updates, news, etc). Studio2 Wedding Design achieves this by use of text and image links:
3. Typography
Good typography

Oct 08

Web Design Companies In Chennai

Rems Technologies is reputed in offering agile and quality solutions for corporate. It is one of the fastest growing organizations in software development, web designing and consulting. The growth, performance and virtue of Rems have been consistently progressing in last few years. We have set a milestone by achieving a great customer satisfaction in web development with our principles and standards. We have helped our client’s to transform there web portals with our strategic analysis. Our clients have rated us as excellent on credibility and reputation.

We started the first stepping stone with Web Development. Years of experience and unmatched quality framework has rewarded us with popular clients around the globe

Web development ranges from simple tasks to the highly professional and Web complicated web applications. We provide services like dynamic page creation, Graphics and developing web interface. Our web development professionals provide variety of sophisticated and complex enterprise applications in several domains.

Our expert team has done all the hard work and knowledge sharing to accomplish various levels of application development projects. We are experienced professionals to develop advanced systems with complex business logic dealing with large amounts of data and transactions. We are able to supply you with most desirable, innovative, trustworthy web application solution. We take special care for customized web development, which are tailored to the client’s precise business requirements

The term Web development service is used for several different activities which are linked for developing a website especially for the WWW which is the World Wide Web or also called as an intranet. Web development ranges from the simplest tasks to the highly professional and complex applications.

Web developers provide services like dynamic page creation, Graphics and developing web interface. Rems the best web development company, provides variety of sophisticated and complex enterprise applications

Oct 07

How Much Web Design Cost

In the modern world today, businesses are surmounting everywhere and competitions are stiff most especially on the business online. The owners of the business are opting for the optimization of their sites in order to attract more costumers online and that is why the web design is important in making the business attractive. Websites are the best medium for an individual or a company to be of a magnet for the clients without having them to meet face to face and the convenient way of selling services and products.

Web design prices vary upon the degree of design and difficulty of making as such. Many web designers offer different web design packages. Since every website differs from that of the others, web designers do not have the flat rate or fixed price to show how much a web design might really cost.

Here are some of the web designs pricing today:

Hourly charge
-The hourly rate can start somewhere from $8.00 up to $500.00 per hour. This is the kind of industry today and it always depends on the location and experience that a designer would have.

Package deals
-Most web designers go for a package deals offers in which they offer a flat rate but then requires you to have an additional charge in making your website be the costumers attraction.

Per project pricing
-Web designers set their price on the kind of project they are going to tackle. A business owner should see to it that he has completed all the required materials before starting with the project.The web design company will make breakdowns of the sections with the listings of specification assumptions for the section and its different features. Both should put into writings the things done in making the design.

Pricing Per

Oct 07

Benefits Of Professional Web Design

They say “don’t judge a book by its cover”. Many people would agree with that. However, in practical life, most people do exactly the opposite i.e. they actually judge a book by its cover. The same is true about websites as well. That is to say, people usually judge a website by its design. It has been proved by many researches that the Internet users decide in the first few seconds whether they should stay at a website or move on to the next one. So, catching users’ attention and keeping him glued to your website and offerings on it is not equally to cutting a cake. A professional web design company can make this easier for you by building an eye-catching website for you and incorporating all the important elements to keep the user on the website for a long time.

Always remember that the first impression is the last impression and this statement holds true in the business world. A professionally designed website goes a step further in leaving an indelible mark on the viewer’s mind. So, if a user gets to like your website design then there is high likelihood that he will explore it further to know about it in detail and make a purchase.

Once you have a professionally designed website in place, you can submit it to a number of CSS galleries on the web to get more exposure. This means that your website will be showcased to a wider audience that would not have been possible otherwise. Consequently, the rate of traffic on your website surges drastically and this creates a lot of brand awareness for your company.

A web design London company can help give you a real direction. This means that by developing a sound website for you it can help

Oct 06

About Mobile web design Toronto

A website designed for desktop computer and laptops is very different from that which is designed for mobile phones. There is a difference as to how the web is being accessed from a mobile phone and from a desktop computer. Mobile phone has certain limitations compared to the desktop such the small size of the screen, limited keys, etc.

Also, there is a difference in the situation of the mobile phone user and that of the desktop user. Mobile users do not have the convenience of leisurely browsing the website like at home. He can be on road, in car, in lift, or on a staircase, looking for specific information in the quickest possible means.

If you want your mobile web design Toronto to be useful for your target audiences and do not want to lose them to your competitors, you must ensure that your mobile web design gives relevant information as quickly and as easily as possible to your prospective customers. Include small paragraphs or bullet points describing your products or services. It would be good to highlight the unique selling propositions or USP of your products and services in different font sizes and colors.

If the mobile web design Toronto is too slow to download or if it takes several clicks to get to any part of your website, you may have a problem. The visitors to your website might immediately leave your site and might not come back to you again. To hold them back to your website and to influence them to visit you frequently, make sure that your mobile web design Toronto is quick to download. Do not add any heavy files and images or unnecessary web design features.

Since web users who access the web through mobile phones are usually

Oct 06

PHP Development Services that has no match

If you are in hurry to find a real attractive web application for your business that is cheap too, then hiring PHP development services is what we refer you. Spread over 20 million websites and 1 million servers, your inclusion in PHP family users will give a quick relief from stagnant websites and a new dynamic technology will bring out fresh look for your website.

Our client must be in full knowledge of PHP benefits, this will bring an affordable decision with dynamic sites. It is preferred as cost is rapidly reduced as its an open source tool that comes with no cost. The free coming utility really makes it a blessing for clients finding effective solutions. Our preference for PHP for our prestigious client is also because of various level of security that PHP possess. Its variation is not limited to security levels rather offer support at numerous number of web servers and platforms. This makes your web application real acceptable and accessible to various servers.

Updating and maintenance is also very economical with PHP. As you don’t have to hire full time maintenance staff because various PHP CMSs development including Joomla, Drupal and WordPress are easy to maintain and update. This makes your content so easy to stay latest and even you can do it yourself with no prior PHP knowledge. This rapidly reduces the maintenance and updating cost usually associated with other development tools. The benefits of PHP keeps on growing just like MySQL, MS SQL and Oracle databases are supported by it. This makes it easy to be integrated and a real flexible tool for your web development. These all advantages really make PHP a tool for affordable development and a blessing to increase your return on investment.

Our professional PHP developers having

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