May 09

I Wonder What I Should Do with My Life

I am thinking really hard about what I shall do after I leave high school. Of course I am thinking about what colleges I can get into and what is the best thing that I could study after I got there. Right now I am learning about web design and basic programming for computers. It is obvious enough that if you want to make a good salary in this day and age, then you need to be able to understand how to use computers pretty much expertly. In fact that is true no matter what you are involved in. If you are a doctor or a nurse or any of the countless people involved in the health industry, then you have to know all about the computer technology that is really vital to the work. It is true that there is even a job called a medical technologist who is involved in the task of helping all the other people use the technology of the day.

At any rate I have to think about some practical issues and the really personal ones. The thing I think about is how much I do not enjoy being told what to do and specifically how much I do not enjoy being forced to be in a certain place hour after hour, every day, day after day. It is not an uncommon thing of course, but I would really like to figure out how to earn a good living without being forced to comply to some corporate culture. That is not an easy thing. For example a writer or an artist could do that, but out of a thousand people who want to write or paint, how many of them are actually able to earn a decent living at it. They usually call them starving artists.