Oct 10

php jobs in kolkata

Choose PHP-Mysql training course and build your Career in IT Sector. Here you come, if you are from technical background (B.tech, BCA, Bsc(comp) or any other programming background) you must join us for website development training, we can provide you best php training and jobs in kolkata, non-technical guys are also welcome to us, they can also take step toward php mysql training, we can help them as well to get a right step. We also run summer training in kolkata with php-mysql programming. There is a huge market for php freshers in kolkata, once you learned, you can easily get job somewhere in kolkata or outside of kolkata (India), we are also one of big placement company in kolkata having more than 30 website development companies registered with us, they take php developers form us frequently.

PHP Jobs in kolkata:- You can easily learn PHP and get good job in kolkata or anywhere in India, doesn’t matter if you are only a php fresher, what I said, I mean that, it’s not I am trying to attract you toward php training in my institute, you can check it yourself, asking your friends, talking to your seniors, any php programmers or through Google.com with the keywords “PHP FRESHERS JOBS in KOLKATA”.

Live PHP Training Classes:- We recommend to get LIVE PROJECT experience to compete others to get a good job in php. We are not only a PHP Training Institute in kolkata but also a PHP development company (iCraft Solutions) in kolkata, provides full time PHP LIVE PROJECT experience to maximize chances for php jobs, as we believe many companies asking for live project experience from fresher.

About Me:-
Name: Md. Asif Iqbal.
Designation:- Project Manager in iCraft Solutions.
Experience: 5 yrs experience with PHP, Mysql, javascript,html and many more.


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