Oct 11

Role of Progress Trackers For E-Commerce Web Design

Progress trackers aka progress indicators are used in online stores making any of the steps like signing up to any product or service, buying any product or service online simple for the users. The tracker based on different steps is meant to enhance the online shopping experience of individuals across the globe.

Progress trackers are found to be of high importance for modern ecommerce sites. According to professional internet marketing specialists in Vancouver, designing a system based on multi-steps process ensures increasing conversion rates of business. In addition, a web design for larger sites having the option of online store can be made more intuitive and easy to understand by walking users.

Progress trackers and breadcrumbs

Though both are meant to enhance the user experience, they have significant differences as well. Breadcrumbs in web design in Vancouver are described as the way to reveal the current location of users on the site. In addition, it also explains the above sections than the current one.

Contrary to this, the progress indicators in web design are a way to indicate a set path that users need to follow for a specific task on the site, say shopping. Not only the current location, it also shows the earlier steps taken and the steps the user is about to take.

Specific goal

Progress indicators are best to use for specific goals of web design in Vancouver. Among a lot of options, it is considered a great way to enhance the conversion rate and usability of the websites. As both conversion rate and high usability is all about enhancing the sales of products or services, therefore; the use of trackers can be noticed in almost every large e-commerce website nowadays.


As far as the uses of progress indicators are concerned, experts say it can be used in different contexts like online ordering, feature tour guides, multi step forms and more.

Online ordering is the most common use of this tracker. Easily, the online shopping can be classified into different steps to be followed by the user. In terms of feature guide, modern ecommerce sites are also created having the indicators featuring the products and services for users.

Last and one of the latest applications of progress trackers in web design is that it is used to create multi step forms. If any site is designed with the form that needs more of user input, the segment of online form can be split into different steps.

E-commerce web designs are created with the main objective to grow sales and earn more profits. This is why it is important for such sites to have high functional features including progress trackers to enhance their user experience and ultimately gain business profits.


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