May 12

Web Design Junction with SEO Part I

Web design is a wide concept used to comprehend the way information is faced to end-user using the WWW through any web browser or relevant web software. The information that is delivered to end-user consists of multiple contents like text, pictures, audio and all other types of multimedia content.

SEO is the process to which the visibility of a website or particular link is improved in search engines. SEO can be associated with all the contents used in web designing including text, images, and sounds or even videos but it works perfectly well with textual content.

If one is intending to develop a blog or a page, he must think about two participants; the machine (the search engines) and the human being. Considering our above definition about those two participants, we can easily state that web designing is purely meant for us human beings while SEO will be engaged with the machine. Both of these actors are dependent on each other, because a good design surely wins over end users but only when they are aware of it, and SEO plays the lead role making an appointment with them. This really depicts a vivid junction between web design and SEO. This relationship has some criteria that need to be followed in order to support each other effectively and efficiently. SEO demands light weight, compatible and straightforward layout of the page while web design requires attractive looking pages to pop out at end-users.

Search engine machines are the virtual labor trying to visit links available on World Wide Web. Their main objective is to read out the text, hyper-links, supportive keywords and all other relevant information embedded for the sake of search engine system. Web design focuses on delivering an enchanted interface to users by including pleasant interactive images, preferably flash content as Search Engine algorithms are capable to read flash inner content but not images.

Web design and SEO is coupled with each other and there are several grey areas between the two. However, in the next part of this article, more thoughts about web design and SEO will be presented.


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