Aug 18

Web Design Quotes And Budgets

In our previous chapter, Web Design Quotes and Budgets (Part 1) we learn about why there is a constant war between web designing companies and perspective web design clients when it comes to money. It is a frustrating situation since both parties have completely different reasons why website development quotes or why online marketing budgets should come first.
In this new chapter, we will discuss 3 different scenarios in the webpage design process you may encounter and whether you, as a business owner interested in website design in Los Angeles, should consider before speaking and selecting a website developer to work with on your next online project.
Here are a couple scenarios to understand the importance on whether you should come off a project with a budget or quote, similar to the chicken or egg first confusion to a certain extend.

1.I have no clue what I want, and dont really care. I just want to have a website done by the professionals.

-Quote. In this case, you should be presented by several package deals. Since you are not aware what the industry has and can offer and the fact that you trust the web professionals that you found you should have them draft up a couple ideas, whether it is 5-page webpage design, 25-page website online store with a content management solution, let the webdeveloper tell you whats available. If the number looks right, go for it.
2.I did some research on Google. It seems my competitors have a better website with better ranking. I need help.

-Budget. In this case, you know what kind of goal you want to achieve, and you should put a price tag on achieving this goal. How much time and money are you willing to invest in order to beat the competition? If you come to the table with a web designer and offer X amount of dollars for online marketing in 2012, a qualified website design with marketing background will be able to tell you whether the budget is enough to break-through the cluster and share that pie on the web.
3.I have a new business and I need a website.

-Budget. In this case, you are building a new business and it is very important to include marketing budget into your business plan. Does your business model require a large or small marketing budget? Does it require online effort more than offline word of mouth type promotion? It is very dangerous not knowing what you are getting into while building a new concept to compete in todays market place.

Setting a budget is always better. Not knowing what kind of resources your business is able to invest is a big mistake. When shopping around for a creative web designer, providing a range of budget ideas is beneficial for both parties.


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